How To Pick Up Girls With Wise Women Workings

No matter how old you are or how many women you have dated, the idea of picking up a women can be very difficult for some men. You start to forget what’s funny and what’s just weird, your hands start to sweat profusely, you stammer and start making some really strange comments and laughing like a child – sound familiar?

We’ve all been there, picking up women can be a very intimidating procedure. Rejection is like a bullet to the face and it can really shatter your confidence and sense of self-importance, which is never good. There are those of us who go out every weekend and leave with somebody else at the end of the night, and others who avoid going out through fear of seeing somebody who has rejected them.

Dating and chatting up women does not need to be so scary though – you just need to relax and be able to give a good account of yourself. Its almost like a job interview! You want to come across as eager and friendly, but without seeming desperate or putting too much of a spotlight on your strengths.

What are you looking for?

This is something many men do not think about – just what do you want from the women you talk to? Do you want a quick fling? A deep conversation? An enjoyable night together? A wife?

Working this out makes choosing the female you will try and talk too much easier. You can tell somebodies personality from just a moment’s observation. If you like to avoid loud people or ‘party animals’ then avoid the girl up on her friends shoulders with a bottle of vodka!

Find somebody who matches your personality style, i.e. look for the female equivalent of you in the location you are. There is always somebody who resembles your same traits when you are out, so try and strike up a conversation.

Don’t Go Nuts!

Many guys think that by acting like a lunatic and doing stupid things that they can get a girls affections. Sadly, this is not true. If all it took was for men to act like high school students again, we would all still be in education. It takes sophistication and something with a bit more guile than just throwing a beer over your friend or starting a mock fight.

Try and keep your composure when you are talking to the girl, too. You don’t want to come across as one of those guys who only laughs at things he says, or overreacts at jokes. Just try and stay relaxed and keep the drinks casual, too, you don’t want to end up hammered and doing something stupid!

If you are looking for some additional reading, then look into Wise Women Workings here. It’s a comprehensive and inventive instruction manual for turning yourself from a women repellent to the modern equivalent of Casanova!

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